Smart IT for Businesses

Focus your business on perfecting your business. The IT is covered. Technology has become a part of everyday living; unfortunately, knowing how to configure and use it has not. Your IT should streamline your business and help it grow, not slow it down. Contact Rocky Mountain IT to see how we can help you get back to your business or help an already stretched IT staff analyse capabilities or implement and train on new ones to help them be even better.

IT Projects & Support

IT departments are often stretched too thin for new projects, but can maintain a deployed system. We help design, deploy, and train your team for a smooth turnover new capabilities.
We are a big fan of small business! Providing simple email, VOIP, backup, and other low-cost solutions to keep your small business running without the price tag.

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Cloud & Virtualization

Backups, web hosting, and e-mail are just a few aspects of the cloud that might be the right answer for your company. Every business has its own specific needs and while it may be right for some, it can be wrong for others. In many cases, virtualization may be one way to improve your bottom line.

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Networking & Security

Without backups, a failed component can cost all of your data or take a critical system offline. Proper networking can securely connect you from another office building, a client site, or even the comforts of home. Keeping your data out of the hands of criminals requires a little effort, but is worth it.

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